The Chain Drag Sweep


Stop profits from going down the drain!
Work Smart, not Hard! 99% of grain swept from bin floor!


  • Low Maintenance
  • Very Low Dust Level
  • Essential for your Farm Operation
  • Durable design, extended life expectancy
  • Fits all size tanks and silos
  • Carries as much grain as the job requires
  • Custom Built for maximum performance
  • Eliminates auger sweep injuries, grain bin damage, and insurance claims!

Speed is the factor in today’s busy world. It’s not that we have chosen it to be that way, but in the times in which we live, we either flow with the business current or we fail. The fact is almost everything involved in grain handling has advanced over the years. Today we handle and store more bushels in a shorter time period than ever. Why in all the upgrading of equipment has agriculture overlooked cleaning out of the bin floors? The auger sweep is still in the horse and buggy days trying to keep up with a streamlined operation. It just can’t do it. With the Drag Chain Sweep, we catch up to the times, and may be ahead in terms of safety and labor. The safety part is worth looking into. Speed of the Sweep is profit. Don’t upgrade just a portion of your grain handling, finish the works with The Drag Chain Sweep.

Side view of a 8″ unit for fifty foot (50′) tank giving an idea of size and construction of sweep.
Towing hte Chain Drag Sweep
The 30 to 1 gear box on the back shaft pushes the sweep into the grain. The slow speed adds safety and efficiency.

These units will handle all 8” to 10” auger systems. Simply change sprocket size to either slow unit or speed it up.

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